Dr. Kiros Webinar

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Online Recording: Resources and Tools for Data Analytics to Address COVID-19 Disparities (Part I)

Hosted by: Dr. Gebre-Egziabher Kiros, PhD

Format: Zoom Online Recording

Gebre-Egziabher Kiros, PhD is a professor of biostatistics and public health at Florida A&M University. He has vast experience in statistical analysis of complex data structure, programing and health disparities research.

Dr. Kiros has been engaged in helping Florida Department of Health in the estimation of daily and weekly COVID-19 transmission rates by region in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand disparities in COVID-19 infections and mortality
  2. Assess data quality issues in COVID-19
  3. Identify major data sources for COVID-19
  4. Familiarize commonly used methods for measuring disparities
  5. Discuss data analytics tools for understanding COVID-19 disparities